Oiltanking Andina Services (OTAS)

Oiltanking Andina Services (OTAS) is a company formed by Oiltanking Perú GmbH and GMP. This company was created in order to offer, among other, operation and maintenance services (O&M) of facilities associated with the liquid hydrocarbon and chemical product logistic chain.

OTAS currently operates:

Pisco - Camisea Maritime Platform:

The maritime platform for liquid fuel exports, which belongs to Pluspetrol and Consorcio Camisea, is operated by Oiltanking Andina Services (OTAS) and is located 4 kilometers off the Coast, very closed to the Paracas Bay. This platform has facilities to load deep draught vessels for the following products: refrigerated propane and refrigerated butane, petrol and diesel. Additionally, the comprehensive service includes two tugboats of 40 tons bollard pull and dedicated mooring support and personnel transportation boats.

As a high-risk operation closed to the Paracas natural reserve, the platforms fitted with top-of-the-line maritime environmental emergency response equipment. The equipment we operate includes several kilometers of containment barriers of different types and sizes for fuel spills, ground containment barriers, skimmers, portable tanks and support boats solely for these tasks. This equipment is operated by our qualified personnel, who are trained on an ongoing basis.

In addition to the above, this operation has the support of OSRL (Oil Spill Response Limited), an international entity specializing in environmental disasters based in Great Britain.

Logística de Químicos del Sur:

Logística de Químicos del Sur (LQS) is a company made up by GMP, Oiltanking Perú and Tramarsa.

LQS, operated by Oiltanking Andina Services (OTAS), is a Chemical Storage Terminal engaged in reception, storage and dispatch of sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) at the Port of Matarani. This port is located at 130 km. from the city of Arequipa, in southern Peru.

The operations started on June 5, 2007. Storage capacity of the Terminal is 6,000 cubic meters, distributed in four (4) tanks of the same capacity and a discharge pipe that connects the quay length to the Terminal facilities. The facilities are fitted with a steam recovery and treatment system, a tank and pipe heating system, truck loading facilities, scale, and ancillary equipment for safe handling of the product.

LQS is a major contributor to development of the mining industry in southern Peru. The strategic location of this Terminal allows LQS offering a logistic alternative for the supply of chemicals in southern Peru, with supply prospects to markets in the western side of Bolivia and Brazil and northern Chile.