Social Management and Sustainability Model

Our Social Management Model allows us to operate at a sustainable and competitive level by contributing effectively to the development of our neighbors in the regions where we operate.

In GMP, we are convinced that the hydrocarbons sector generates social and economic opportunities to drive a great change in our groups of interest, taking into account its economic, social and environmental performance.

We create synergies that allow us to take advantage of resources needed to execute priority works- in a concrete way- contributing to the sustainable development of different locations.

Therefore, our management focus has as its basis the Capacity Development for the economical, social and environmental growth. We work and live in Talara. We are part of its history, we encourage its progress in the present and we want to be part of its future development.

Sustainable development: In GMP, we think that the sustainable development is the central point of the social management. We seek to achieve an excellent social and environmental performance that can generate favorable conditions for the development of our operations, promoting the participation of the State, communities and civil society in order to improve the perception of well-being and quality of life for the population of these areas of influence.

Our contribution starts with the generation of infrastructure designed for helping in the development of capacities and generation of citizenship of all its beneficiaries.

Projects and initiatives for the development:

Our commitment is for a long-term period and it is designed under the strategy to Grow and Share with our neighbors.

We always give more than the agreements stipulated; we are loyal to the style of doing things in the Graña y Montero Group.

Productivity: Enhance development is related to participation in initiatives and projects that improve the quality of life of communities of our environment. The key: participative construction of progress and integrated management. As well as, we promote the progress through project focused on families and its land, with intervention of communities themselves, as well as the one of local and regional government.

Capacity Development: We coordinate resources for communities closed to our operations by promoting the sustainable development. In GMP, we work in agricultural projects, irrigation systems, forestation, education, infrastructure, strength and development of capacities of our neighbors. All in a participatory, inclusive and shared value frame.

Public Works Tax: We have executed two projects under the Public Works Tax modality. The first construction was the Casa de la Juventud of Talara (Youth House) and the second was the Nª62 Fire station of Negritos- Infrastructure designed for the benefit of many families so we can help in the capacity development of our area of influence.

This is the result of a coordinated process between the Provincial Municipality of Talara and GMP in the frame of Law 29230 that search to expedite the implementation of priority public infrastructure works in the entire region by the tender of private companies for renditions for income tax.