Natural Gas

Our unit of Natural Gas is formed by two sub-units, the Natural Gas Processing plant in Talara for electric power generation, LP extraction and Natural-gas condensates, and Transportadora de Gas Natural Andino, a public-private partnership created to help in widespread use of natural gas in the Highlands of Peru, contributing in the improvement of quality of life of population and the environmental preservation.

Pariñas Gas Plant

Since 2009, GMP has a gas processing plant of the latest generation. It is located at the North of Talara, Piura.

It has a capacity up to 44 million cubic feet of associated natural gas per day (MMPCD). As a result of this procedure, we obtain dry natural gas, LPG, Natural-gas condensates or HAS and products as pentane, hexane, and other special solvents.

We commercialize in the market:

  • LPG
  • Natural Gas Condensates or HAS


It is a public-private partnership agreement that helps in the widespread use of natural gas by benefiting communities which are situated far away from NGV distribution system.

We are responsible for the design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance of supply system of compressed natural gas (CNG) and vehicle natural gas (VNG) for Abancay, Andahuaylas, Huancavelica, Jauja, Juliaca and Puno.

The supply system of CNG and VNG will be formed by:

  • 01 CGN station located in Huamanga.
  • CGN transportation system by land or virtual pipeline for VNG stations.
  • 07 VNG stations situated in Abancay, Andahuaylas, Huancavelica, Jauja, Juliaca and Puno.